We have been laying low for awhile, but not idle. We have been working on a successor to Aegisthus, and it's starting to take shape. Drums, keys and other electronic stuff are pretty much done, and we hope to start recording guitars and vocals soon. It's yet to be seen what the end result will be like, but we think it will top the previous one in every aspect.


After all the ordeals and delays our debut album "Aegisthus" is finally out and downloadable. As intended, the release is solely electronic and free, so treat is as such: spread it, put it in your blog and upload it to file sharing and torrent sites. We'll also make it available via Spotify during forthcoming weeks.

Le Poète se dit: Enfin!


Mastering done!


Album in the finalizing phase

We're finally about to get the album out. The mixing is ready and mastering is due during following weeks. As intended, the album is to be released solely in electronic format and will be available as a free download via our webpage.

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