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Year of release: 2004
Length: 10 min 35 sec

Recorded and mixed at Fantom Studio
by Henri Wirsell 2-3.6.2004

Music: Heikki Pöntinen
Lyrics: Vladimir Lumi
Arrangements: AV

Produced by AV & Henkka
Cover designed and conducted by Sampo Ketonen.

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  1. De te fabula narratur (4:52)
  2. Ekpyrosis (5:43)


I. De te fabula narratur

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Damned for eternity
Dying roses teardrops fallen
through the window dusk lies
upon the doorstep
and eternity beyond,
eternity beyond,
beyond the gate

modorenai ano hi ni

mutshina kokorode soraniegaku
sonnadansuo shiyouze
nikushimino nigasaaozameta
kutshizukete soredake saigono

Close the window now
I cannot bear
to watch myself

modorenai ano hi ni

Confundar in aeternum
Flammis acribus addictis
sanguis cupio
et semper orior

Descend with me

bara korobu okeru akai
koukon hatamata rin

etiam si nullum vedibitis

Confundar in aeternum
Flammis acribus addictis
sanguis cupio
et semper orior


II. Ekpyrosis

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March over the fallen while the flames are closing in
The last Messiah and a faith so grim and no one will grow old
The last red dawn lies upon the crowd and a shroud of decay
Lying on the ground I turn my head

A sadness comes over me then something I could not feel before
I knew it had to end but I had strength to try some more
All is gone the last Messiah still goes on, ever marching on

The wheels are spinning and it is so cold
Freezing below ground level hollow mindless slaves unborn
Metal whips are stinging flaying the skin skinning the soul
And never will the sun ever be seen again

I read somewhere sometime long ago in a book, I think it was called
About Socrates and the power of the self and of Voltaire and his ways to escape
Lastly I heard the words of Nostradamus and how he foresaw that this would be the end

When all is said, and all is done, no one cares about the dying sun
There's no one left, no cross to bear, the dirt that's hidden everywhere

The scent of the lotus has been lost for an eternity, I searched in vain
Watched the leaves shiver and cease my immortality a faithful curse
Ironic that I should fall by my hand

The prophesized saviour