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Album teaser online

All the editings are finally done and the album is ready to enter the mixing state. We'll poke you with a small extract from one of the forthcoming songs, you can download it from here. Regardless of just saying so, I want to remind you that the clip is unmixed, unmastered and without vocal effects before somebody starts whining about the sounds.


Line-up changes

Pasi has decided to step astray from AV due to his hurries in personal life as he's been studying and working at the same time. Nevertheless Pasi recorded base tracks for Aegisthus before departing, so you can hear his last performance with us in the forthcoming long play. We thus thank Pasi for the years in the band and being a good guy and wish him good luck with studies and moustaches.

We're not looking for a new base player at the moment, but remain as trio instead with Asa handling also low frequencies (and possibly those whiskers) in the future.


Tales from the crypt

The new web pages have been released! Some sections are still under development, but will soon be published along with new promotional photos. Also keys, guitars, bass and narration have been recorded for the coming full-length album. It is but a matter of a few months of mixing and mastering before you will enjoy the fruits of our intercourse. Aberrant Vascular is far from dead. As we have stated before, this is not Omega.