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Ok, we're almost done with the mixing of Aegisthus. It has turned out that all estimations concerning it's completion have been overly optimistic, but it's happening. The better news is that during the mixing process we've composed somewhat half of the basis for the second album which we'll start working on at full blast as soon as we get this one out of the way.


Omat Laitteet set

The electronic set Asa and myself played in January was recorded and you can download the outcome here. There are some goofs, but this is still probably the least fucked-up live performance we've had.


Experimental Electronics

Asa and myself are performing a short completely electronic set based on both forthcoming album and some exclusive material. Date is 18.1. and location is Ravintola Artturi, Tampere. Check out Omat laitteet blog.

Concerning the release itself the situation is that the mixing and general polishing is still gonna take some time and overall we've been very unlucky with the whole process facing probably every possible delay there is. We're hoping the album to be topical during the first quarter of current year.